well that doesn’t make me feel excluded one bit…

wanted to go to breakfast with friends and i stated as much

a time was planned and never passed on to me

i found out about three hours before the meet up

if i was asleep i wouldn’t have even known and slept through it

.___. am i doing something wrong?

look at that assuming, brain

the time was mentioned within the post

because you thought it wasn’t finalized and they came up with another time

you flipped shit over nothing

way to go


2012 was the year of trying actively not to kill myself

2013 was the year of survival

2014 will be the year of move bitch get out the way i L I V E 

run boy run! this ride is a journey to.

run boy run! this ride is a journey to.

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no wait

maybe this is what i needed

a situation where i see where i was wrong but where i also see someone overreacting way more than i had in the first place

and in the process of them hurting me

i just reacted like a sad little baby

when maybe i should be seeing this as a lesson

i keep saying that since 2010-2012 i haven’t been socially active

which means i’m not sure how to handle drama

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i can’t sleep

i wish i could but i can’t

this has been the latest i’ve been up this week

my schedule is fucked

but then again i’m kinda fucked too?

i’m in a bad spot

been there for hours

i’m self loathing

and it’s my fault there’s no one to blame

it just sucks